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Enforcement Order EPD-HW-1932

Facility N.L. Bassford
County Lowndes County
Cause of Order As the property owner of the facility, identified as the responsible party, as defined in the Hazardous Site Response Act and Rules; as generators of material sent to the Facility, Settling Generators identified as "responsible parties", as defined in the Hazardous Site Response Act and Rules
Requirements of Order Submit a Corrective Action Plan and/or Compliance Status Report to remove the Facility from the Hazardous Site Inventory implement the CAP in accordance with the schedule provided in the CAP; Settling Generators shall contribute towards the funding of the Corrective Action that Bassford has conducted and will conduct under the agreement
Settlement Amount
Legal Authority Hazardous Waste Management Act
Date Executed 7‑Sep‑2021
Publication Date For Executed Order 13‑Sep‑2021
File Attachments None