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Enforcement Order EPD-WP-9092

Facility Upton Junction, Phase II
County Coffee County
Cause of Order Failed to prepare and distribute Consumer Confidence Report and submit certification forms; failed to collect annual Nitrate samples; failed to collect Disinfection By-product samples; failed to collect groundwater samples; failed to have a Level 1 Assessment conducted; failed to monitor for Lead and Copper; failed to post Failure to Monitor Public Notices and submit copies; has not developed a Sample Site Plan for the Facility that meets the requirements of the RTCR; has not developed a Sample Site Plan for the Facility for Lead and Copper sampling; failed to submit Daily Operating Reports
Requirements of Order Prepare and distribute Consumer Confidence Reports from 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 and submit reports and Certification Forms; distribute Public Notices for all Failure to Monitor violations and submit copies and Certification of Public Notice; collect an annual Nitrate sample and submit; have raw water samples collected from Well 101 and 102 analyzed for Total Coliform and Escherichia coli; conduct and submit a Level 1 Assessment; collect and analyze the appropriate number of lead, copper, and disinfection byproduct samples for the current compliance period; develop, implement, and submit a Microbiological Sample Site Plan and a Sample Site Plan for Lead and Copper sampling; complete and submit DORs
Settlement Amount
Legal Authority Safe Drinking Water Act
Date Executed 5‑Oct‑2021
Publication Date For Executed Order 11‑Oct‑2021