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Enforcement Order EPD-WP-8270

Facility Monica Woods and Rustica Estates
County Coweta County
Cause of Order No properly constructed concrete slab; no individual flow measuring devices; chemical feed equipment not properly installed; individual shut-off valves are not installed; finish water sampling taps not installed; no means to prevent unauthorized access; shut-off valves not properly operating; splash pad/drainage ditch not installed; concrete slab not properly installed; no raw water sampling tap; no individual flow measuring device; improperly designed chemical feed equipment; valves not functioning properly; Coweta County Water & Sewer Authority not listed on permit; operator not licensed by the State of Georgia at the appropriate classification
Requirements of Order supersedes AO (EPD-WS-8070); w/in 30 days construct concrete slabs; install individual devices to measure flow; install chemical feed equipment; install individual shutoff valves; install individual finish water tap; provide means to prevent unauthorized access; collect and submit raw water samples; ensure all inoperable valves are replaced; install splash/drainage ditch; remove all piping connected to system from an abandoned well; ensure operator is licensed; install raw water sampling tap; ensure inoperable valves are replaced;l submit an Application; operate in accordance w/ permit and Rules
Settlement Amount $5,000.00
Legal Authority Safe Drinking Water Act
Date Executed 5/5/2017