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Enforcement Order EPD-HW-1876

Facility Iron Ax, Inc.
County Jefferson County
Cause of Order Failure to dispose of hazardous waste in accordance with one of the prescribed methods; failure to stop the release of used oil, and failure to clean-up and properly manage the released used oil; failure to store used oil in a container that is not leaking; failure to keep used oil containers closed while stored outside, except when it is necessary to add or remove used oil; failure to label four 500- gallon tanks and approximately 125 55- gallon drums containing oil clearly with the words "Used Oil"
Requirements of Order Submit to the division for approval written procedures that have been implemented by the Respondent to prevent these violations from occurring again
Settlement Amount $10,000.00
Legal Authority Hazardous Waste Management Act
Publication Date For Proposed Order 10/1/2018
Date Comment Period Closes 10/31/2018
Date Executed 11/14/2018