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Enforcement Order EPD-SW-2815

Facility ARGOS USA, LLC. (Inert landfill located at 4700 Broadway, Macon)
County Bibb County
Cause of Order Failed to transfer Permit to operate the Facility; failed to cease receipt of waste and complete closure of the Facility by June 1, 2015; non-inert waste had been placed in the Facility; openly dumped scrap tires were present at the Facility that posed vector and fire hazards; failed to obtain coverage under the Industrial Stormwater Permit; allowed the disposal of solid waste in state waters; did not establish BMP's at the Facility in order to control the migration of sediment; encroached upon the established 25-foot buffer
Requirements of Order Ceased receipt of waste at the Facility in April 2018; w/in 10 days, submit a written corrective action plan to the Division outlining the company's intentions for recycling or disposing of unused concrete in the future; w/in 30 days, remove the openly dumped C&D waste and scrap tires from the Facility and submit transaction receipts to the Division demonstrating proper disposal or recycling; w/in 120 days, have a Georgia-certified Professional Engineer submit a plan, which shall become become part of this Order, to properly close the Facility; w/in 60 days, obtain coverage under the Industrial Stormwater Permit and develop a Storm Water Pollution Plan if Respondent continues to recycle concrete at the Facility; w/in 90 days, update the official plat and deed of the property to reflect the operation of the inert landfill and submit two official copies of each to the Division; w/in 90 days, update the official property deed and include a statement that the area identified as "Operational Area" on the attached map "Consent Order Exhibit 10/31/18" shall be covered w/ 2 feet of final cover soil and vegetated if the property is ever sold or will no longer be used to process unused concrete; w/in 120 days: ensure slopes are graded, apply 2 feet of final cover to all areas except the area defined as "Operational Area", provide a final contour topo map of the landfill, mulch and vegetate all disturbed areas outside of the "Operational Area"; shall be allowed to recycle, process and store concrete in the "Operational Area" and store finished materials on the "Finished Materials Stockpile Area"; upon completion of conditions 1-9, any remaining material located in the buffer shall be allowed to remain in the buffer
Settlement Amount
Legal Authority Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Act
Date Executed 11/26/2018