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Enforcement Order EPD-AQC-6934

Facility City of Atlanta RM Clayton Water Reclamation Center
County Fulton County
Cause of Order Failed to submit test results within the time period required; failed to submit an annual compliance report for 2016 for Subpart MMMM within the time frame required; failed to provide readily available 12-hour and 3-hour block average records; operated SSI units and their associated scrubbers outside of acceptable operating parameter levels in the first and second halves of 2016 and part of 2017; allowing visible emissions of combustion ash from the ash handling system for more than 5% of the hourly observation period; failed to submit a Subpart MMMM Semiannual Report for the first half of 2017 within the time period required; failed to furnish to the Division information that the Division requested to determine compliance with the Permit; failed to accurately certify the Facility's compliance status in the 2017 ACC
Requirements of Order W/in 30 days of execution of this Order, the Respondent shall provide the following: revised Annual Subpart MMMM Compliance Reports for 2016 and 2017 as required by the Permit, a revised 2017 ACC to accurately reflect all deviations, certification by a Responsible Official that the 12-hour and 3-hour block averages and associated records are calculated and maintained as required
Settlement Amount $31,760.00
Legal Authority Air Quality Act
Date Executed 11/29/2018