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Enforcement Order EPD-WP-8677

Facility City of Atlanta
County Fulton County
Cause of Order Order necessary to allow the production of Class A biosolids at the Utoy Creek and South River WRCs for use as a soil amendment, with the additional option to continue to continue landfilling solids if a buyer cannot be located
Requirements of Order Submit the test results of one representative sludge sample for each facility (South River, and Utoy Creek) to demonstrate compliance with the pollutant concentrations in Tables 1 and 3 of Chapter 391-3-6-.17(5)(a), the Class A pathogen reduction requirement in Chapter 391-3-6-.17(7)(a), and the vector attraction reduction requirements in Chapter 391-3-6-.17(8) of the Water Quality Rules; submit any relevant operational information such as the detention time, temperature, pH, etc... for the production of the sludge samples in Condition 1; upon satisfactory completion of Conditions 1 and 2, the Respondent may implement the SMP at the South River and Utoy Creek WRCs; the biosolids to be sold or given away must meet the requirements described in Condition 1; the Respondent or the third party preparer must obtain approval from the Department of Agriculture prior to selling or giving away biosolids in a bag or other container for application to the land; submit to the Division an annual report containing the information required in Chapter 391-3-6-.17(13) of the Water Quality Rules, no later than February 19 of the following year; monitor and report in accordance with requirements listed in Order; representative sludge samples shall be analyzed using approved methods; Respondent shall notify the Division of any intended changes to the approved plan
Settlement Amount
Legal Authority Water Quality Control Act (including Surface Water Allocation)
Date Executed 4/23/2019