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Enforcement Order EPD-UST-2839

Facility Stewart Avenue Shell (RMA Enterprises)
County Fulton County
Cause of Order Order necessary for groundwater remediation
Requirements of Order Discharge limited and monitored by Respondent as specified in Order; if the results for given sample are such that a parameter is not detected at or above the minimum quantitation level using the most sensitive test methods as specified in 40 CFR Part 136, a value of "Not Detect" will be reported for that sample and the detection limit will also be reported; samples and measurements taken as required herein shall be representative of the volume and nature of the monitored waste stream; for each sample taken pursuant to the requirements of this Order, record information as specified in order; monitoring results obtained by the Respondent shall be summarized on a Groundwater Discharge Monitoring Report and submitted to the Division; comply with water quality standards; allow representatives of the Division, upon the presentation of credentials: to enter upon the Site, to have access to and copy any records required to be kept under the terms and conditions of this Order, and to sample the treated groundwater discharge stream, as necessary, for chemical analysis by the Division's analytical laboratory; the product recovery well system must contain failsafe features that will automatically eliminate the discharge potential of free product; bypassing the treatment system is prohibited; Respondent shall not be held liable for noncompliance with terms of this Order if such noncompliance is attributed to matters which are beyond Respondent's control
Settlement Amount
Legal Authority Underground Storage Tank Act
Date Executed 4/29/2019