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Enforcement Order EPD-WP-8699

Facility Argos Ready Mix- Doraville
County Gwinnett County
Cause of Order Failure to conduct monthly monitoring for Total Suspended Solids as required for January 2015, April 2015, May 2015, November 2015, March 2016, April 2016, May 2016; exceeded permit limitation for Total Suspended Solids as required for September 2015, December 2015, January 2016, September 2016, December 2016, December 2017, March 2018, October 2018; exceeded permit limitation for Flow (MGD) during July 2018
Requirements of Order Penalty paid and cited violations have been corrected
Proposed Settlement Amount $5,940.00
Legal Authority Water Quality Control Act (including Surface Water Allocation)
Publication Date For Proposed Order 6/3/2019
Date Comment Period Closes 7/3/2019
Send Comments To Mr. James Cooley
Director of District Operations
Environmental Protection Division
2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SE, Suite 1456 East, Atlanta, GA 30334
(770) 387-4929