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Enforcement Order EPD-WP-9025

Facility See Pines Apartments Public Water System
County Bulloch County
Cause of Order Owned a public water system without first securing a permit to operate a public water system from the Director; operated Facility without disinfection residuals in the system; operated a source water supply (well) without approval from the Division; was not keeping proper records; does not have on file a Sample Site Plan that meets the requirements of the Revised Total Coliform Rule; did not provide an approved back-up water supple source for the Facility; did not have a certified operator
Requirements of Order Comply with the Drinking Water Act and Rules; immediately perform coliform monitoring of the system in compliance with the Drinking Water Rule "Coliform Sampling"; immediately maintain the services of a Water System Operator that is certified at a minimum of a Class IV Water Operator in the state of Georgia; submit a letter written by a Professional Engineer demonstrating that the existing well is equal to or greater in distance with applicable setbacks from septic tanks and drain fields; provide the Division written certification from the local government that the local government is in concurrence with the development of the privately owned community public water supply system within its jurisdiction; submit documentation outlining the reasons why the proposed project cannot connect to an existing local governmentally owned water supply system; submit a letter written by the local county government certifying that the Facility and the appurtenances pertaining to the water system are not located on or in close proximity to an abandoned landfill or any other site used for waste disposal; install equipment to continuously chlorinate the water distributed by the Facility water system to maintain a detectable residual of free chlorine in all parts of the distribution system; submit and implement a Corrective Action Plan;
Settlement Amount $750.00
Legal Authority Safe Drinking Water Act
Date Executed 1/4/2021