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Enforcement Order EPD-AQC-7059

Facility Sunbelt Asphalt Surfaces, Inc
County Barrow County
Cause of Order Failing to submit an Initial Startup Notification within 15 days of beginning operation; failing to keep Facility monthly total asphalt production records for the period April 2020-August 2020; failing to use water as necessary on plant roads to prevent dust from becoming airborne; failing to keep Facility baghouse maintenance; failing to keep Facility Prevention Maintenance Program records of findings and corrective actions for daily baghouse pressure drop readings and weekly assessments of baghouse and dust conveyance system operation; failing to keep Facility daily dryer baghouse records; failing to conduct particulate matter and visible emissions performance tests on the emissions from the Facility dryer baghouse
Requirements of Order Design and implement a recordkeeping system that conforms with Permit requirements; conduct performance tests; provide a written description to EPD and implement effective measures to prevent fugitive dust from becoming airborne
Settlement Amount $4,000.00
Legal Authority Air Quality Act
Date Executed 1/25/2021