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Enforcement Order EPD-SW-2918

Facility James H Wren
County Chatham County
Cause of Order Engaged in solid waste handling and constructed a solid waste handling facility without a permit; engaged in unlawful solid waste handling in a manner that does not comply with all the applicable rules, regulations, and orders; engaged in solid waste handling in a manner which impaired the quality of the ground or surface waters; used fill material that are not Recovered Materials; disposed of solid waste in an open dump; disposed of asbestos containing waste within an open dump; disposed of dirt and solid waste within the water of the State; failed to properly design, install, and maintain best management practices
Requirements of Order Stop all construction of the dirt road at the Facility and all associated grading, covering of solid waste with dirt, the deposition of dirt or solid waste into water of the state, and all other land-disturbing activities at the Facility for the dirt road other than the installation of erosion and sedimentation control measures; submit for review and approval a Corrective Action Plan for the removal of the dirt road at the Facility including materials and substances constituting Solid Waste and asbestos containing material; implement the CAP
Settlement Amount $2,500.00
Legal Authority Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Act
Date Executed 2/3/2021